2022 International Conference on Energy Storage Technology and Power Systems (ESPS 2022)
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Prof. Katia Guérin

Clermont Auvergne University, France

Speech Title: New advances in fluorinated materials for lithium ion battery

Abstract: Fluorine is a chemical element with two particular virtues for energy applications: its redox potential and its hydrophobic character. It can therefore be used to modify the electrode/electrolyte interfaces, to saturate the defects that cause poor durability of anode batteries processing by conversion or alloying electrochemical mechanism. It can also be used to create new fluorinated materials usable as cathode materials. Among all the fluorination methods, the one proceeding by the action of pure and gaseous molecular fluorine is original and the specificity of the ICCF laboratory. Through a few selected examples, we will present the latest advances in fluorinated materials for energy storage.

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Dr. Julian David Hunt

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

Speech Title: Global resource potential of seasonal pumped hydropower storage for energy and water storage

Abstract: Seasonal mismatches between electricity supply and demand is increasing due to expanded use of wind, solar and hydropower resources, which in turn raises the interest on low-cost seasonal energy storage options. Seasonal pumped hydropower storage (SPHS) can provide long-term energy storage at a relatively low-cost and co-benefits in the form of freshwater storage capacity. We present the first estimate of the global assessment of SPHS potential, using a novel plant-siting methodology based on high-resolution topographical and hydrological data. Here we show that SPHS costs vary from 0.007 to 0.2 US$ m−1 of water stored, 1.8 to 50 US$ MWh−1 of energy stored and 370 to 600 US$ kW−1 of installed power generation. This potential is unevenly distributed with mountainous regions demonstrating significantly more potential. The estimated world energy storage capacity below a cost of 50 US$ MWh−1 is 17.3 PWh, approximately 79% of the world electricity consumption in 2017.

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Assoc. Prof. Zulipiya Shadike(祖丽皮亚·沙地克)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Biography: Professor Zulipiya Shadike is an Associate Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China since June 2021. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Fudan University in 2017, and then worked as a Research Associate (2017-2020) and Chemistry Associate (2020-2021) in Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York. Her research focuses on developing high energy lithium/sodium batteries by designing, synthesizing, and characterizing novel electrode materials as well as electrolytes. Dr. Shadike published over 45 papers in international peer-reviewed journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Energy & Environmental Science, Advanced Materials and Advanced Energy Materials. Her research achievement has been recognized by several awards including USDOE’s Battery500 consortium “Young Investigator Award” (2019), “Outstanding Oral Presentation Award” of Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Early Career Researcher Symposium (2019) and Brookhaven National Laboratory “Spotlight Award” (2019). 

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Assoc. Prof. Baowen Zhou(周宝文)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Biography: Baowen Zhou is an associate professor of Institute of Advanced Energy and Powertrain Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He got the PhD Degree at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016; and he conducted the post-doctor research at McGill University (Jun.2017 - Oct.2018, Canada) and University of Michigan Ann Arbor (Oct.2018 – Dec.2020, USA). His research interest is focused on the next generation of semiconductors and artificial photosynthesis integrated devices and systems for photo-electro-thermal-driven water splitting, CO2 fixation, and biomass conversion toward clean energies, as well as pollutants control. He has published over 35 papers with over 1200 citations including PNASNat. Commun., Energy Environ. Sci., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Edit.Chem and Chem. Sci. 4 USA/PCT Patents are under pending, and 3 Chinese Patents were granted. He won the honor of “2020 Top 10 Global Advancements in Science and Technology” elected by the Academicians of both Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Speech Title: III-nitrides/Si-based artificial photosynthesis integrated device and system for carbon neutrality